Heart Pro III is one of the many medical apps created by 3d4medical. It has featured in several Apple commercials all over the world. It is available for Iphone, Ipad and Mac.

The first part of this project was to create all of the art work of the heart for the app. We created the lighting and shaders to get the look the client was after. We then had to animate all of the rotations and movements of the heart. We also created, slices, conduction pulses and blood flow animations for the app.
The second part of the project was to create the 50+ in-app purchase animations ‘Heart Conditions’. These were created in-house at DigitalRed (Thailand) with my team of 5 other 3d artist and animators. I oversaw the entire project production from the initial research, to the story boards, to the final quality control of the animations.